Language Courses

Lakeshore Language Services offers French courses for individuals as well as onsite group classes in the Milwaukee area. Skype lessons can also be arranged.

Private Tutoring

Lakeshore Language Services offers to assist students who are having difficulty with their high school or college French studies or simply wish to enhance their skills. We can help students improve their conversational and writing skills in a way that is not possible in a classroom setting.

Corporate Tutoring

Lakeshore Language Services offers private lessons for individuals and small groups at their workplace or residence. The curriculum will be individually tailored to specific needs.

Professional Enhancement

Do you feel you need French for an important phone call, a job interview or a momentous meeting? Lakeshore Language Services can help you prepare for special professional occasions.

Similarly, students can register for private lessons before moving to a French-speaking country for work or school, if they plan to pursue culinary studies in Paris, or work as doctors throughout Africa.

Pre-vacation Training

Are you planning a trip to France or any other French-speaking country? Lakeshore Language Services can help you plan your trip and learn or refresh basic French to make you more confident and allow you to enjoy and make the most of your experience.

Recreational Centers

Lakeshore Language Services offers to enhance your enrichment programs through adult classes.

– Introduction to French:
A course for people with an interest in French but who never had the opportunity to learn it or for those who took French in high school but feel they need a serious refresher and would like to resume their studies after a long period.

– Conversational French:
A course for people who love the French language or culture, whether they learned it in school or by themselves.

ESL/ELL for Expats
Are you new toWisconsin? Lakeshore Language Services can help you and your family soon feel confident in oral and written English.

Vous venez d’arriver dans le Wisconsin ? Nous proposons de vous aider ainsi que votre famille dans la maitrise de l’anglais oral et écrit.

For further questions and inquiries, please use the contact form.